Leverage Your Online Marketing With YouTube

Online Marketing With YouTube

Leverage Your Online Marketing With YouTube

Promoting your products or services using video is certainly not a brand-new concept. Video marketing has been around for quite a long time, and utilizing videos online is an excellent way to market just about everything.

But the introduction of YouTube in 2005 has greatly expanded the video horizon. More than 400 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and one billion hours of video are viewed every day world wide. creating a huge library of millions of short form videos.

But you have to dig deeper into the digital marketing medium to discover the many ways that videos are deployed to harvest data, internet traffic, and ultimately generate revenues.
The advantage of YouTube is that it is open to almost everyone for free.

But this has created a huge mountain of videos, and it is much more difficult for any single one to stand out, let alone reach viral status.

Yet, this is regularly contradicted by very small contributors with unique content and ideas that capture the imagination of the masses. These are the amateurs that tap into a sensitive vein.


Online Marketing With Youtube


There are also the professionals who use proven techniques to greatly improve their chances for a YouTube breakthrough.

They make sure that the videos will appeal to the target market that it is focusing on, and that it is fascinating enough to maintain viewer attention for at least several minutes.

They also position the video so that the YouTube search engine will bring it up to the top in a search query. This takes on the same optimization methodology that is utilized for websites, blog posts, and advertisements.

The pros know how to combine design dynamics, animation, vivid backdrops, and in many cases use humour to hook the viewer. The focus is on entertainment or dramatic content that rivets the viewers eyes to the screen. But behind this presentation they carefully employ keywords and graphics that are relevant to their website.

They design the video with the intention of driving traffic to a particular website.

It is the same keyword driven process used to optimize blog posts. Keywords are inserted in the title of the video as well as the information captions. This directs the search engines’ algorithms to capture particular words or phrases. The use of attention grabbing words or expressions within the video clip and inside the description box promote viewer traffic to particular sites.

YouTube has what every marketing manager seeks – free advertising. The company is not interested in charging any uploading fees because they generate revenues from advertisements, just like Google does with Adsense, and that is why it was such a good fit when Google purchased YouTube in 2006.

The next reason, which is often a big one, is the amount of potential customers this web page receives. The basic idea behind YouTube is to generate a fun and entertaining visual ecosystem, with a dual purpose – to entertain and to reap commercial benefits through advertising.

Online Marketing With YouTube

Used effectively it has the potential to steer traffic to even the smallest players who have mastered search engine optimization techniques.

Because it is so economical to use, the approach can take the shape of a trial and error process. Various video concepts can be tried to determine what works and what fails to galvanize traffic. For the beginner it is advisable not to expect an overnight success.

With perseverance, and maybe some help from successful developers, you can turn YouTube into a traffic generating machine for your products and services.

Internet users are constantly seeking new information and entertainment. Some of this is directed towards making informed buying decisions. Visually presented content can have much greater impact on that decision than text driven articles and blogs.

Most marketers employ both to scale traffic.
The pros know that video marketing must ultimately bring concrete results such as increasing sales, introducing new products and services, creating exposure for the customers’ brands, and attracting new customers.

This must be achieved within defined budgetary constraints. Before you decide on paying for the services of video marketing agencies make sure that you verify their track record and assure yourself that a majority of their clients increased their sales and profits through their customized video marketing strategic input.